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Volunteer Information Jobs Consortium uses volunteers to fill a wide variety of positions. At this time, we are recruiting short-term and long-term volunteers. On this page, you'll find a brief list of our short term volunteer needs, and job descriptions for our long-term volunteer position openings. Jobs Consortium seeks to build a strong community volunteer program, so please click on the radio tower if you are interested in anything on this page.

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We currently need volunteers to fill the following short-term or periodic positions:

Development Intern
Assist in organizational fundraising activities. Projects include grant writing, e-fundraising, event planning, and more. Great experience for those considering careers in nonprofits or marketing.

Accounting Intern
Assist in accounting duties. Volunteer should have the ability to perform mid- to high-level accounting functions with minimal training.

Business Assistant
Review and provide input on Business Plan. Assist with marketing services; develop flyers, brochures, posters, etc. Assist with workshops.

Carpentry Assistant
Assist in training class. Build cubicles, work stations, etc. Paint (to be done on a Saturday).

Computer Technical Assistance
Install network cards. Prepare network cables. Connect cables to hubs and PC’s. Set up high-tech center. Maintain web site. Develop web-based fundraising tools.

Graphic Designer/Illustrator
The Fast-Track Training Academy, an enterprise of Jobs for Homeless Consortium, is an Oakland-based nonprofit organization that facilitates continuous development for employment program staff and the people they serve by providing training, consultation, and publications. Ultimately our work helps service providers assist their clients in moving beyond poverty to lasting self-sufficiency. We are currently seeking pro bono assistance for a creative publishing project in graphic design and/or illustration services. The project will involve the re-shaping and revisioning the Academy’s most important publication to date, its pathbreaking 188-page manual, Fast-Track Training & Employment: Opening a World of Possibilities for Your Clients. The Academy wishes to explore possibilities for re-releasing this manual, or any part(s) of it, in a graphics-rich, easy-reference format. The aims of this project include: *To expand to a broader audience. *To achieve mainstream bookstore and/or library sales. *To bring in revenue to help us continue and enlarge our nonprofit work.

Job Developer
Work with recruiters to develop job opportunities for clients. Participate in Job Fair planning.
Positions require good communication skills and an outgoing, positive attitude.

Marketing Project
We are preparing the second edition of a manual that helps people with barriers to employment find jobs. Helpers to work on assembly and packaging are needed to complete the project so the manuals can be distributed. A group of volunteers available to come for a relaxed day of conversation and compilation would be ideal.

Windows 2000 DNS design
We need someone who has experience in Windows 2000 DNS design to assist at any of our three one-stop centers or administrative office

Learning Center Assistant
Assist homeless job seekers in finding employment by helping them complete cover letters, resumes, and job applications; use the internet and other resources in job searches; and improve literacy skills.

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