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Perspectives of Jobs Consortium Clients

[notebook] Jobs Consortium Program
by Jenard

Hi. My name is Jenard. I would like to tell you about the Jobs Consortium, from a client's view. I have been a client of the Jobs Consortium for about three months. The Consortium has provided services that have been very beneficial to me on my job search. I will detail some of these services later.

To become a client requires certain qualifying criteria. That information can be acquired from the receptionist. Once qualified, the potential client must attend a two-hour intake and a two-day workshop. (Lunch is provided during the workshop). During the workshop, you will learn about the services provided and receive help on completing a résumé, and interviewing successfully. The workshop also touches on some special needs.

Each client is then assigned a counselor whose sole job is to link the client with all resources available through the organization. Some of the services provided are as follows:

  1. Résumé-writing and updated copies
  2. Transportation to interviews and jobs
  3. Classroom training programs
  4. Acquisition of clothing and tools for work
  5. Limited day care assistance while going through training
  6. Job leads

These are only some of the services offered. I have made use of the Computer Learning Center to update résumés and to touch up on my computer skills, to search the internet for job leads, and to work on increasing my typing speed and accuracy. I have been able to fax copies of my résumé to various employers, and as a result, I have landed a job.

In closing, to those looking for work, the Jobs Consortium is a good agency if you need assistance in finding a permanent job. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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[notebook] From the Shelter to the Society as a Productive Citizen
by Everett

As a client who is experiencing the program in living color, I came to the program from three months in the homeless shelter. I first entered the HOWWESS program in Berkeley. Soon afterwards, my needs changed, so I transferred to the Oakland office to get in to their JTPA program.

The staff in both offices are unique, sensitive, congenial, kind and understanding to all clients. The Jobs Consortium's JTPA framework is designed to be flexible enough to accomodate the clients' needs. However, the program needs to be expanded to cover more clients and the staff also has a need to be expanded to cover the new growth. The Jobs Consortium has found a place to deliver their services to a community who are in dire need of their services.

The program works: I can ascertain that from personal experience. I am able to put my text from English class at Laney College on a disk from the knowledge I have received at the Jobs Consortium.

The Jobs Consortium has outgrown its space at both its locations. With the policy changes of the new welfare reform, things are going to get worse for the community at large. We must find ways to meet the needs of the community.

The Jobs Consortium needs more space for a day care center to provide support for clients who have dependent children so they can take care of business without worrying about the kids.

The other thing I would like to see is a free program that's developed to encourage the depressed community to be involved with the A's baseball, Raiders football, and Warriors basketball teams.

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