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The Web is a great resource for doing research on homelessness, disability issues, and literacy issues. This page will serve as an ever-expanding reference source for people interested in any of these areas. Please mail me the addresses of any sites which provide information about any of these topics. Thanks! [vol button]
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Homelessness and Housing


Jobs Consortium is a HUD grantee.
The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development helps people find homes in order to help our communities develop and thrive. This comprehensive site contains information for people looking for affordable rental housing, and for business and community partners seeking to know more about HUD policies and funding.

[nch logo] The National Coalition for the Homeless.
The NCH site is the biggest and best place to find facts, figures, and analysis of homeless issues. This site is updated frequently, and features the NCH newsletter (Safety Net).
[homeless garden project] The Homeless Garden Project began in 1990 to provide homeless people with meaningful labor and a place of beauty and safety. Over the years, it has evolved into a three year job-training and transitional employment program for homeless and marginalized people. The Garden Project operates as a commercial organic garden cultivating nearly five acres at three sites in the city of Santa Cruz.
boss_blanksmall.gif (3703 bytes) Building Opportunities for Self - Sufficiency
Eden Information and Referral Eden I&R (Information & Referral) is a 501(c)(3) non profit agency committed to serving as a link between Alameda County families and individuals, and the full range of community resources available to them. Eden I&R is well known as THE source of information on, and referral to, low-cost housing, emergency shelter, and over 1,200 social service agencies for Alameda County Residents.
Bay Area Homelessness Program This site provides lots of information about homelessness in the Bay Area, and about Bay Area volunteer opportunities.
[esp] The Economic Security Project presents current and historical information and analysis of poverty-related issues, and offers an outline for social change.
The Family Emergency Shelter Coalition FESCO is a nonprofit organization serving homeless families with food, shelter, clothing, counseling and links to community resources.
The Homeless Home Page The Homeless Home Page is a discussion list focused on the subject of homelessness. You can join the list or scroll through their links.
Emergency Housing Consortium How Does Silicon Valley Respond To Homelessness? With the programs and shelters offered by the Emergency Housing Consortium, a non-profit organization offering help and hope to over 5,000 people every year.
wpe1.jpg (2345 bytes) Berkeley Public Library's list of homeless emergency services through the Berkeley Information Network (BIN.)
The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty was established in 1989 to advocate for solutions to homelessness. The Law Center is committed to solutions that address the causes of homelessness, not just its symptoms. The Law Center places and addresses homelessness in the larger context of poverty.

Literacy Issues

National Center on Adult Literacy The NCAL seeks to improve the quality of adult literacy programs. This site provides access to technical papers and other resources for literacy program enhancement.
National Institute for Literacy This site provides access to forums and listservs focusing on literacy issues.

Disability Issues

ADA Homepage The latest information about ADA issues, status reports, and procedures for filing a complaint.
wpe1.jpg (2495 bytes) The Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. This site has information about disability advocacy.
Job Accommodation Network This site features an international toll-free consulting service, and gives extensive information about the employability of people with disabilities.

Volunteer Sites

The Corporation for National Service

Jobs Consortium is a VISTA sponsor.
The Corporation for National Service (CNS) was chartered by Congress in 1993 to provide a broad range of opportunities to Americans of all ages and backgrounds to serve our communities and our nation. CNS programs include AmeriCorps (including VISTA and the National Civilian Community Corps), Learn and Serve America, and The National Senior Service Corps.


Jobs Consortium is a VISTA sponsor.
Since 1964, over 100,000 Americans have performed national service as Volunteers in Service to America (VISTAs). VISTA places individuals with community-based agencies to help find long-term solutions to the problems caused by urban and rural poverty. In 1994, VISTA became part of the AmeriCorps national service program. VISTA Web provides information of interest to current and former VISTAs, VISTA Sponsor agencies, and others involved with the AmeriCorps program.

Volunteer Center of Alameda County The Volunteer Center is a clearinghouse for the community, connecting people who want to help with opportunities to make a difference.

Helpful Sites
These sites are excellent resources for non-profit information and assistance on the Web.

Impact Online
This site uses the internet to collaborate with and complement existing organizations and to build community resources.
CompassPoint CompassPoint Nonprofit Services offers outstanding classes on website design and creation.
Nitecat Media produces high-quality websites and videos for businesses, non-profits, and families. And they taught me most of what I know about web production.
Chank! has the best free (and non-free) fonts.

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