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Free E-Mail

Web based e-mail has become an essential tool for people looking for employment.   Many  job announcements list e-mail addresses for sending resumes and cover letters .  Some job search websites require an e-mail address to register with them.   Our Berkeley and Oakland offices provide access to computers and the Internet to those who otherwise would not have such access.  This includes access to free e-mail.

It is a good idea to get an e-mail address first before registering with the various career websites.   There are many companies that offer free, web-based e-mail.  It is free because the companies receive their revenue from advertising.  If you are willing to put up with banner ads, you can access your e-mail account from any computer hooked up to the Internet with a web browser.

Some of the most popular free e-mail sites at Jobs Consortium are:


Lycos (Eudoramail users should logon to Lycos to access their accounts)


Jobs Consortium has no connection with or financial interest in any of the companies that offer free e-mail.  We offer assistance to job seekers with registering for free e-mail for employment and training purposes. 

Tips on setting up an e-mail account

After setting up your e-mail account, don't forget to write down your e-mail address and password.  You need both to log onto your account.  Also, remember that passwords are case sensitive.  If you create a password with capital letters, you need to retype those letters as capitals when you log on.  If your password is not working, check to make sure that you haven't pressed the Caps Lock key on the computer.

Sending your résumé and cover letter by e-mail

Follow the employer's instructions on how to send your résumé and cover letter by e-mail.  Some employers want resumes sent as attachments, but don't assume that.  Create a plain text version of your résumé,  then you may copy the text from your word processor and paste it to the message field of your e-mail.

Tom Yamaguchi