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Community Literacy Project

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The Jobs Consortium Community Literacy Project is a community-wide collaborative effort to develop an innovative workplace literacy program in the Learning Center of the Jobs Consortium.

Where does the community fit
into the Jobs Consortium's Learning Center?

As social service legislation changes and our client flow increases, the Jobs Consortium is creating the Community Literacy Project to provide a forum for input into the development of the Learning Center's program.

In order to create the most diverse, most potent forum possible, we are building a Literacy Advisory Council. The Council is made up of former and current clients of the Jobs Consortium, community leaders, local businesspeople, educators, and concerned community members.

In pooling these local resources, we hope to better serve the low-income and homeless populations on the front-line of our community.

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If you are interested in taking part in the Community Literacy Project,
please click here.

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