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Basic Services




Job-related, disability, addiction & recovery, or personal issues

Jobs Consortium Counselor


Confidence building, taking possession of skills, résumé production, sample applications, interview practice, building on skills, career/training choices

Weekly referral through Intake and Jobs Consortium Counselor

Job Club

Targeted résumés, cover letters, master applications, phone use, job leads for specific jobs

Monday through Friday
9:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Learning Center

Job Leads 
and Job Listings

Daily job leads that match employers with Jobs Consortium's job seekers

Job Board, Jobs Consortium Counselors, Internet

Material Assistance

Bus tickets, food vouchers

Jobs Consortium Counselor

Housing Information

Shelter and transitional and permanent housing information

Jobs Consortium Counselor, referrals to shelters or transitional houses


Computer and literacy tutoring; access to Community Classroom Training; lead and asbestos removal; carpentry, janitorial, & office skills classes

Learning Center Computer Class, one-on-one tutoring, training orientations

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Peer counseling on addiction and recovery

Jobs Consortium Addiction and Recovery Counselor

Job Retention

Follow-up support services after placement

Retention Follow-up Case Manager

As-Needed Support Services


California ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, DMV printout

Jobs Consortium Counselor


Work clothes, interview clothes

Jobs Consortium Counselor

Special Items

Shoes, work boots, uniforms

Jobs Consortium Counselor


Basic equipment for verified employment

Jobs Consortium Counselor


Referral to Laney College Cosmetology Department

Jobs Consortium Counselor

Food & Transportation

Lunch vouchers for workshop and two weeks of bus tickets for verified employment

Jobs Consortium Counselor

Reading, Writing, Math and Computers

Literacy counseling, tutoring, and classes

Jobs Consortium Literacy Program

Medical, Dental, Mental Health or Legal

Referrals only

Jobs Consortium Counselor

Parent and Children Services/Advocacy with CalWORKS

Childcare for Jobs Consortium activities, children support activities, parents support group, CalWorks activities, Relyable Choices, Welfare To Work and Business Development Opportunities

Jobs Consortium Counselor

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